Street work, c & rsquo; is an approach where the outreach worker goes to the people, in their environment, while respecting their pace and s & rsquo; ensuring develop a relationship of trust. The person is at the heart of the relationship with the & rsquo; speaker. L’anonymat, Privacy, free and voluntary are 4 principles that govern this relationship.


What can a street worker FOR you and WITH you:

  • it offers listening, support and assistance tailored to your needs
  • it can accompany you in your efforts
  • it refers you to other resources tailored to your needs when necessary
  • it can give you information and / or educate you to different realities
  • it can make mediation
  • it can offer you some help emergency: first aid, grocery or sanitary emergency,
    crisis intervention, etc..
  • distributes equipment safe consumption (par injection ou inhalation) and condoms
  • it can help you in achieving your projects

Where the street worker?

ANYWHERE! In parks, schools, the restaurants, les bars, the purchase centers, apartments, consumption areas and even in the street!


The workplace joined the mostly young people aged 12 to 21 years being in situations of social integration, that is to say, already living with minimal supervision or staying with family, attending school, or by having a work. They are not necessarily in an emergency and have moderate risk behaviors with occasional frequency, under the more exploratory behavior. The role of the middle of the worker is to support and assist these young people in their projects, equip them to become holder of "community action", by involving them in their community to ultimately develop a sense of belonging andempowerment . The middle of worker plays the role of transmission belt and mobilization on the activities and community needs.