Definition: Anyone can become a regular member if it adheres to the mission, orientations and values ​​of the organization.

Special Features:

  • Youth who participate in the activities of the corporation
  • Volunteers who act within the corporation and adhere to the objectives
  • Any person or nonprofit corporation that is not part of the two (2) other categories and supports the objectives of the corporation
  • All previous people who have been interested for over 6 months in the life of the body and demonstrated evidence.


  • Right to speak
  • Right to vote
  • Right to information
  • Entitled to sit on the Board of Directors and Committees

Obligations (moral and legal):

  • Be consistent with the mission, orientations and objectives of the organization
  • Observe the letters patent and bylaws
  • Participate in general meetings
  • Participate in activities organized
  • Pay dues (si applicable)

And power supply:

  • Elect the Board of Directors
  • Receive and adopt the annual activity reports and financial
  • Endorse the general regulations
  • Endorse the actions of those administrators
  • Participate in working committees
  • Get involved as a volunteer or activist.


Become a member by filling out our registration form :
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Formulaire de membership

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