• Celebration of the 20th Anniversary and the 10th anniversary of BARTER CAPAB
  • Project "Supporting young people to beautify a city" (urban fresco under the Taschereau-Desaulniers viaduct): http://graffitimacadamsud.tumblr.com/


  • Creating cinema d & rsquo; popular education “D’Un Mot à l’Autre
  • Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Macadam Sud


  • Creating Martial Macadam (activity d & rsquo; martial arts)
  • mid Labour implantation in the St-Jean-Vianney neighborhood
  • Creation of the wall and the back patio “A living environment”


  • Site creation BLOCK


  • Change of name (Carrefour Jeunesse Longueuil South Shore Macadam Sud)


  • Creating & rsquo; Espace Jeunes


  • Acquisition & rsquo; a new mobile unit “TROC IV” replacing BARTER II.
  • CJLRS launch of the website


  • Creation of the project CAPAB, in collaboration with the Centre 16-18 and Marie-Victorin School Board, opening a street school for young dropouts 16-24 years.
  • Installing & rsquo; audio-visual equipment BLOCK, allowing the distribution of spectacle.


  • CACI : Community Access Program (computers).


  • Establishment of & rsquo; d & a second mobile unit rsquo; Intervention : BARTER III, in collaboration with the private and public sector. Municipalities Chambly, Ste-Julie Carignan and are visited by The BARTER and his team of street workers.


  • The SQUAT s & rsquo component; extends in the Fatima neighborhood. BARTER goes to St-Amable and Varennes. With the support of partners, we replace the first d & rsquo mobile unit; Intervention : Le TROC I, by BARTER II.


  • CJLRS purchased the building and moved to its new premises. With the help of several partners, BLOCK password 30 seats 120 seats and adds a hot meal delivery service: c & rsquo; is the beginning of the Meals on Wheels. Administrative offices and all stakeholders involved third of the building. The pantry grocery occupies nearly 1000 square feet. A meeting room is also available for groups such as AL-ANON, NA, AL-doors, etc..


  • Carrefour Jeunesse Longueuil becomes Carrefour Jeunesse Longueuil South Shore, now offers its services in Longueuil, St-Hubert, Brossard and Boucherville.


  • Intercultural understanding : To reach people from cultural communities to inform them of the services offered not building the network and community organizations through street work and various activities (workshops, Harmony project, etc.).


  • Le BLOC, Café a resource where & rsquo; include meals at low prices, food distribution and catering services, is introduced. C & rsquo; is also a work table where & rsquo; work experience can come learn where & rsquo; coaching and professional and personal supervision tailored to the needs of each.


  • Development of the first mobile d & rsquo unit; Intervention, BARTER. BARTER is present in the most disadvantaged areas of Longueuil to offer front-line services to the community. A new service is offered: work d & rsquo; psychosocial intervention.




  • A new service is offered: a team of street workers.



Of clicking and gangs adds to its social appointment of the Carrefour Jeunesse Longueuil Inc..


  • Of clicking and gangs is a community organization that received its Letters Patent of the Government: organization incorporates.



  • Birth of Gang cliques (TODAY & rsquo; hui the SQUAT).